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What started as a small idea, has now grown into a #1 best selling product with over 25 000 customers in 15+ countries – and a rapidly growing company.

Here's our story (so far)!


Auk started as a seedling in founder Marius Abel’s head
As an inventor and entrepreneur, Marius had for several years wanted to grow his own herbs and salads indoors.

After trying every product on the market (including IKEA's), he realised none of them worked. They were either too simple and wouldn't take care of the plants, or far too complicated and difficult to use.

He wanted a product that was fully automatic, easy to use, beautiful – and that would give a year-round harvest.

Challenge accepted!

Auk articleNorwegian startup magazine Shifter writing about our launch



Marius gets the team together and starts prototyping
In the beginning, the product took many different directions, from wall-mounted systems to in-drawer variants and various technical solutions.

After months of testing, we landed on something that resembles the final design.

First concept sketch of Auk



The biggest technical challenge: the nutrient mixer
Plants have different nutritional needs, depending on type of plant and growth stage. In addition, edible plants (such as herbs and lettuce) are extra sensitive to malnutrition. 

To combat this, we created the nutrient mixer – an electromechanical system that could mix different nutrients, adapted to different types of plants.

The nutrient mixer was first based on syringes, before we landed on the current concept with nutrient capsules. 

Early versions of the nutrient mixer


Later prototype. The biggest challenge was "hiding" all of the necessary electronics


This system also enabled refillable capsules, so the plants never run out of nutrients. Hence, the EverGrow-system was born! 


nutirent mixerFinal version



Plant lights that replicates nature
Different plants also need different light for optimal growth  In nature, plants follow the season and use both the length of the day and the color of the light to know when to flower.

Knowing this, we made our own full-spectrum plant light that change color, brightness and time cycle to match the plants need.

Auk lightAuk's custom LED with the Aluminum extrusion


For example, Auk will give a warmer light when you grow tomatoes and chilies, as this promotes flowering – so you in turn get large and tasty fruits.

When you grow herbs and salads, the light will be whiter, to prevent bloom and keep the plants growing for a long time.

The LED-light provides different light to different plants



Finalization of the concept
After countless hours, days and years of constant improvements, we finally landed on Auk – the new, revolutionary indoor garden!

Auk on counter
Auk product details
 The final version of Auk



Setting up production
Mass producting is notoriously hard. Luckily, this was not our first rodeo. Right from the start, we designed Auk to mass production friendly. A key step to achieve that was manufacturing in Europe, close to home!

The prototypes and development of the molds for the plastic parts

From production of the first Auk units, May 2021


Auk packaging
The final output from production (and our plastic-free packaging!)


Pre-order sales exceeded all expectations
What started as a small pre-order, quickly exploded into a nation wide sensation! Not only did we get a lot of customers, but we received interest from the largest retailers and national press.

successul pre-order press imageArticle from Finansavisen, Norway's largest financial paper
Good morning norway
We we're also featured on "Good Morning Norway"
Auk in Norwegian retailer with team
Auk (and the team) in one of Norways largest retail chains!



Raising $3M in capital to support further growth
After our pre-order success, we raised capital from well-known Norwegian investors to support further growth.

These funds are now used to strengthen the team, secure the supply chain and expand the offer to you as our customer.  

Auk raises new capital press card


Auk raises new capital press card 2


Going international, growing the team and improving the product

Following our successful launch in Norway, we’re now offering Auk to the European market - with several new improvements:

  • New, more sustainable  biocomposite
  • New function: Dimmable light for a warmer, more cozy vibe
  • New wood material: Walnut
  • New, and even smarter watering system
  • And several other improvements.


We are growing in size – now counting 10, with several new colleagues coming in the following months.


Auk team 2

Thank you for stopping by our website (and reading all the way down here)!

Sincerely, The Auk team.